Video surveillance systems, also known as closed-circuit television systems (CCTV), employ video cameras to transmit a signal to specific place and are basically used for security purposes. CCTV equipment monitor the parts of a particular process or location from a central control room.

MatTech can Supply, install, and support a complete line of quality CCTV systems for clients’ monitoring requirement including analog and IP-network based cameras. We provide a wide range of advanced high quality cameras with an outstanding service and support and are flexible of supplying and installing brands according to project requirements. Mactech provides the following services in respect of CCTV systems:
  • Consultancy from system design to full audit
  • Supply of all CCTV system components, including cameras, DVR's, NVR's, monitors, and cables
  • Installation of Security Cameras including DVR s or NVRs and Monitoring equipment
  • Intelligent monitoring software
  • Testing ,commissioning and client training
  • Maintenance contracts for new and existing systems.