MacTech Smart Technologies, established in 2011, is a corporate professional organization that specializes in providing innovative and integrated high end smart technology solutions to corporate and individual customers in the State of Qatar and the GCC. Our expertise covers Computer hardware and accessories, Networks and servers, Security systems, Audio Visual equipment, and Communication systems. Being systems integrators and solution providers ensures that MacTech is your one stop shop for consultancy services, project design, project management, turnkey solutions, and maintenance contracts.   Read More

Computers Hardware and Accessories

MacTech provides a wide selection of computer products and accessories, including notebooks, desktops, printers, LCD monitors, plotters, scanners, external hard drives, and digital cameras, from the world’s leading brands: Lenovo, HP, Dell, Sony, Toshiba, Apple. All of our products are competitively priced and comes with MacTech's superior customer services.

Data Networks

MacTech supply and install all the components of the wired networks, including hubs, Switches, Ethernet Cards, Modems-ISDN, Cables (Cat 5, 5E, 6, 6A & 7, Fibre Optic…etc.), Connectors (RJ 45, RJ11…etc.), Racks, Enclosure, and Shelves. MacTech provides also quality testing, commissioning and termination. We also provide test reports using IEEE certified Analyzers on customers’ requests.


Communication Networks

Communication is the driving force behind any business, and telecommunications infrastructure is the key asset in providing resilient and effective connections to the outside world. And as technology advances, so does the ability to provide greater benefits to organizations. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides the advantages of integrating voice and data communications into a single software package, making your business telephone system a sound investment.

Access Control and Time Attendance Systems

Access control systems allow an authorized person to control access to resources and areas in a computer-based information system or given particular facility. Within the field of physical security, an access control system is generally seen as placed second layer of a physical arrangement in the security. Time and attendance processes are used by all type of businesses nowadays to collect the information about the time spent on the job by a particular employee. The most common way is to capture the correct reporting time of every employee and calculates the total working hours spend on the job. Some companies track the information about how many tasks or jobs performed during the day or week.




Maintenance Contracts and Technical

MacTech provides quarterly and annual maintenance contracts for IT support. Maintenace Contracts are the preferred method by most of customers when it comes to the maintenance of their systems, as it ensures that they will get best qualified professionals and provide them with certainty regarding the IT expenses and budgets. MacTech's maintenance contracts are flexible, and can be tailored to the different needs of customers.


Web and applications development

As corporate websites become increasingly sophisticated tools for companies to interact with their customers, eclick is at the forefront of helping corporations manage their users' online experiences. Gone are the days of the static webpage. Today, websites can do everything from connecting you with other users to online shopping, interactive applications and giving users immersive online experiences. With over 50 websites under our belt using various popular technologies such as PHP, ASP.NET, Flash and mySQL Mactech is perfectly positioned to help you capitalize on the digital revolution by building a cutting-edge website for your company.