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As corporate websites become increasingly sophisticated tools for companies to interact with their customers, eclick is at the forefront of helping corporations manage their users' online experiences. Gone are the days of the static webpage. Today, websites can do everything from connecting you with other users to online shopping, interactive applications and giving users immersive online experiences. With over 50 websites under our belt using various popular technologies such as PHP, ASP.NET, Flash and mySQL Mactech is perfectly positioned to help you capitalize on the digital revolution by building a cutting-edge website for your company.

Social Networking
Get your brand on popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your business and interact with your audience. In the fast-changing world of today it is vitally important to stay in touch with the pulse of the market and social networks allow you to do that easily and efficiently. Mactech has been pushing the envelope of web development in Qatar for over four years and is one of the leading developers of social websites and e-commerce applications.

Mobile Apps
When the iPhone was first released, it redefined what mobile devices were capable of and blurred the lines between a mobile phone and a computer. Today, smart phone systems from the latest generation iPhones to Blackberries, Androids and Symbians are dominating the mobile market. With a powerful computer in everyone's pocket, the opportunities for mobile applications are exploding. Talk to us and we’ll help you figure out what's the best way for your company to take advantage of this burgeoning trend towards mobile smart phones. We could even help you build a powerful iPhone / iPad application that will help you reach out to your customers and service them efficiently at a very low cost to you.