Access Control and Time Attendance Systems

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Access control systems allow an authorized person to control access to resources and areas in a computer-based information system or given particular facility. Within the field of physical security, an access control system is generally seen as placed second layer of a physical arrangement in the security. Time and attendance processes are used by all type of businesses nowadays to collect the information about the time spent on the job by a particular employee. The most common way is to capture the correct reporting time of every employee and calculates the total working hours spend on the job. Some companies track the information about how many tasks or jobs performed during the day or week.

The basic or typical building access control system operates so that a person presents a card to a card reader for a particular door and based on the information on the card and the system parameters for that person, door, and facility, the system either unlocks the door to allow the person to pass through or refuses entry. Similar operations apply to other areas in a facility where access needs to be controlled such as parking gates and elevators.